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Hi, and welcome! I am Kimber Claeborn, founder of She Is Enough. First off, thank you for visiting and taking the time to check this out. I believe there’s a reason you’re here, and I trust that you will know when it’s right to connect with me.

She Is Enough is a company designed to guide women to empower themselves by recognizing and harnessing their own strength and inner wisdom. We are guided by the beliefs of a holistic health method, which means that we consider every aspect of your life as it relates to your health (relationship needs, physiological needs, mental health, spirituality, sexuality, professional life, etc.). I work with clients in a variety of ways including one-on-one coaching, sisterhood circles, group coaching, and workshops.

If you’re looking for someone to support you through a process of inner transformation, I am here for you. You might take some time to check out the links on our site. You can always reach me at kimberclaeborn@gmail.com


1-1 Life Coaching

My experience working with coaches has been life-altering! Becoming a life coach and getting to see changes in my clients is truly fulfilling. My goal is to create a safe space for you to empower yourself by recognizing and harnessing your own strength and inner wisdom. Instead of traditional styles of diagnosing and prescribing, working with a life coach can be seen more like a relationship that supports, guides, and inspires your growth towards a better you. I’m all about creative solutions, healing from the past, and taking small steps. Please click here to learn more about packaging options.

Group Coaching Cycles

When I work with clients, I tend to see similar topics come up. BIG topics. Important ones. Topics I think form the foundation of the misalignment that we end up with in our lives (we’ll talk all about it). So I wanted to create a specific space for these topics, and make it available to more than just my 1-1 clients.

From my experience, we can learn a lot from witnessing the process of others. I love the way that group coaching allows for this. You might watch someone going through a realization, and then BOOM! something clicks into place for you.

Sisterhood Circles

In the current world, we are surrounded by social media and virtual tools designed for connection. However, in my experience, these tools that are meant to bring us together can often leave us feeling even more isolated, disconnected or even outcasted. This leaves me wondering how we can back to our roots, when community was all we had, when we knew where we belonged.

Back in 2016, I began running women’s circles with the intention to celebrate one another and find connection. Since then, we have met together and the group evolved naturally. We learned, inspired, and grew with one another.

I usually plan session with a topic or theme in mind, while leaving the space open for anything else that needs to be shared or discussed. Typically in sessions we meditate, visualize, journal, reflect, and share together. Based on what is needed from the group, topics that come up might be related to health, empowerment, self-care, body image, relationships, and self-love (and much more).

Sisterhood Circle in Hong Kong

Currently based in Hong Kong. Previous sessions include ‘Being in Your Body’, ‘Living Decisively: Guidance on How to Choose’, ‘Declutter Your Life’, and ‘Releasing Resistance to Thrive’. Please see our Facebook Page for upcoming events.

Virtual Sisterhood

This Sisterhood meets online using the platform Zoom. Previous cycles include ‘6-Week Series: Retreat Into the Body’, ‘4-Week Mini-Series: Finding Direction through Cardinal Directions and Cycles of the Moon’, ‘9-Week Series: She Belongs’. Please click here for upcoming events.

Facebook Group

We have a private, virtual group available on Facebook: She Is Enough Sisterhood. In this space, we celebrate and uplift one another, discuss current topics related to women, wellbeing, and self love, challenge ourselves, and build sisterhood across the globe. We currently have over 450 members!

Corporate Wellness

At the heart of a successful, thriving company are individuals who are healthy inside and out. The way we take care of ourselves is reflected in our work life. Business Wellness Education is a goal-focused method to promote positive change in a company as a whole, starting with its individuals.

Available Packages

Introductory Session: Are you looking for an educational workshop that will promote health and wellness in your work community? This introductory session will give participants an introduction to self care, an understanding of the impact of health on the work environment, and simple tools that can be put into action today.

6-week Happiness Coaching Series: This package is for companies who highly value the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health of their employees. Each session focuses on a topic related to fostering a work culture where employees can thrive. Some options include Work-Life Balance, Growth Mindset, and Habits for More Energy. We can work together to customize an arrangement that will be most successful for your group! 

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