Meet the Family

I introduce: Kailua- 3 ½ years old


As they often say, Kailua is the princess of the household. This combined with the fact that she is the youngest, only girl means we have a lot in common. In addition, we both speak very basic Spanish. I probably understand her the best of them all. She likes everything a typical young girl would like- pink, dresses (she only has a few dozen), shoes, coloring… In general, she is adorable, fun, sweet, and sometimes a tyrant.

I introduce: Bruno- 6 ½ years old


Like the yang to the yin, Bruno is the typical boy to his sister. He loves sports, fighting, and winning. Like his dad said to me, “Siempre piensa en la pelota”– “He is always thinking about the ball”. It doesn’t matter what kind of ball, as long as it serves its purpose. Sometimes he helps me, other times he makes fun of me in Spanish…but we get along well.

I introduce: Jacky

Originally from Uruguay, Jacky visited here when she was 24 and met Joan. They married not long after and they have lived here together ever since. They used to do more things around the island, but having children makes it more difficult. She works in the airport of Menorca at a perfume store. She can smell almost any perfume and tell you which one it is. Currently she is studying to improve her English so she can obtain a higher position at work. Like many mothers, Jacky does it all.

I introduce: Joan

I’m fairly certain Joan’s entire family lives in a square block of our house. His brother owns the gym downstairs, his sister the bar down the street, his cousin the restaurant (or was it his brother-in-law?)… Anyway, he grew up here comfortably surrounded by all of them. He works downstairs for a family company that puts insulation in houses. He told me the kids can’t understand what insulation is and they tell everybody that he paints. He also helps around the house and with the kids.

I introduce: Ferreries

View from the balcony

The town in which we live, Ferreries, is very small but has everything you may need. The people are friendly; most of them are Spanish, but a few are British. Everyone here speaks Catalan, which to me sounds like a twisted form of Spanish. The children are required to learn Spanish (Castellano), Catalan, and English. The island is small so you can access other cities with ease. We live 10 minutes from the closet beach, Cala Galdana. Other cities are around 15 minutes away by car. My favorite part of Ferreries is all the white buildings that contrast to the dark green scenery here.

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