Where’s the snow?

Merry Christmas from the Caribbean Seas!

Now several weeks into my contract with NCL, I just wanted to give you an update on my cruise ship life.  I have been enjoying my work here since I began.  Working seven days a week, some ten hour days, around screaming children and uptight parents…what’s not to love??  But truly, being a youth counselor on board feels like a great fit for me.  I have had the chance to work with several different age groups of children since we have programming for ages two all the way to seventeen.  They all seem to have something to enjoy, such as how painfully cute it to dress up the four-year-olds like pirates with beards.  And yes, I have been lucky enough to take part in many of the benefits of a cruise ship job.  With plenty of mornings off I have explored several of the ports we stop at in the Caribbean.  Exploring Devil’s Bay in the Virgin Gorda of the British Virgin Islands has been one of my favorite excursions off the ship.  Yet of course I will not be spending this holiday season with my family, who I’m sure can’t even continue the day without me around!  Well…they might be getting by 😉  Christmas morning all the youth counselors dressed up as elves to help Santa give gifts to the children on board.  It was an early morning for many of us, but I did enjoy seeing all of their faces when sitting in Santa’s lap.  I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s as well!  As I mentioned before, I have been loving the ship life here on the Pearl.  So much, in fact that I decided to extend my contract until February 27th.  Keep me in mind for your next vacation!  Peace and love to all!

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