Unsere Familie

Who is our family? Where do we come from?

These are the questions we asked ourselves as we began our journey into the Strassburger family past. Although we didn’t jump into a Delorian with a crazy-eyed scientist, our trip to Germany was certainly a trip back in time.

Our adventure began months earlier, when each of us pulled our efforts into finding our roots tracing back to Germany. Who was the first to come to the U. S.? What town was their family from? What is the original spelling of our last name? Who’s still alive today? The answers to our questions did not always come easily, if at all. But there was worth in our search. Many times you seek not expecting to find every answer. Maybe just a little step closer is enough.

Who is our family?

In the quaint town of Carholz, Germany, free of the Oktoberfest crowd and full of pure German hospitality, adventure, and sarcasm, live Willi and Marita, our family.

Next to a barn, crumpled and in tact, a nest of stories of old and shelter for the present, caring for the past and future life of their name, live the Franzgrotes, our family.

In a tiny reel from 1840, among hundreds of thousands in organized position, standing ready, waiting to be found, as a key to our history, lives Bernhart Strassburger, our family.

In a European-size van, packed with suitcases and anticipation, fueled for a cross-country journey, reunited to find what first brought us together, were the Strassburgers, our family.

Where do we come from?

Though we may not have filled in our genealogy tree with dates and names from centuries before, I believe we were successful in our search. We found our family.

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