Life Stories (Slice of Life: Day 5)

I often want
everyone’s life
to be a full book,
rich with action,
adventure, drama,
comedy, and love.
I want every
chapter to build
new characters:
friends, enemies,
coworkers, lovers.
I want it
to start lovely
and end lovely,
a page-turner
that leaves me
wanting more.
I find myself
disheartened when
not all books
end the same way,
not lovely
like I wanted.
Some end abruptly,
after only
a few chapters.
Others end awfully,
without closure,
without answers.
They won’t have
the ending
I expected,
They won’t meet
the characters
who awaited them.
The fact is
their story
is over.
Only the readers
are left
to retell it,
from beginning
to end,
with all the lovely details.

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