Trip Ahead (Slice of Life: Day 22)

On Friday, Jonathan and I will embark on the biggest adventure of our time together.  No, we’re not headed to Colombia yet.  This trip will be longer in a different way.  We are packing the cooler with snacks, pulling out our old CDs (are CDs old now?), and headed across the plains.  We will be taking our first road trip over, up, and through the Midwest.  Our goal is to see family and friends before we leave the country this summer.  The current plan is Kansas City, St. Louis, Peoria, Chicago, and Omaha.  Whew!  And let’s not forget all those wonderful hours we will spend in the car staring out at corn fields.  Okay, so maybe the landscape won’t be the best part of this trip, and maybe we will go a little bit crazy at each other in the car on the way, but here are a few exciting parts to our trip ahead.

  • Barbecue in Kansas City.  It’s real, it’s juicy, and you just can’t compare.  I guarantee they don’t have this in Colombia!
  • The City Museum in St. Louis.  Despite its deceiving title, this hot spot is not a museum, but rather an over-sized playground for kids and adults.  It’s made from completely recycled material and includes an old airplane hoisted up on its exterior.
  • CDT.  Cousin Drinking Time.  Need I say more?  This typically includes 3am stops to Steak & Shake.
  • The Windy City.  I don’t even need to have plans for Chi-town to be excited about it.  I’ve been there several times and there’s always something new to explore.  Late night sushi?  Bikes on the beach?  Board games and brews?  Who knows where it will take us.
  • Babies.  Technically only one baby.  But I’m loving the amount of babies (who aren’t mine) in my life right now!  And I’ll finally get to meet the daughter of my best friend.

Along with the miles we will log, I envision a long list of memories to join it.  As we prepare for our journey ahead, both Friday and this summer, I try to focus on the exciting parts and hope that the details will all fall into place.

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