Goddess Garden (Slice of Life: Day 8)

In my heart a garden grows
wild, beautiful, and free
The richness feeds my spirit
Where I’m allowed to be me

I step inside, barefoot and awakened
On the outer edges, dense clumps abound
Strong, thick irises have been there a lifetime
Their roots dig deep, wrapping back and around

Alongside them are soft, round carnations
Their petals curl out ever so slightly
hinting at their boldness deep within,
Their hearts of pink pinched in tightly

In the center of the garden,
Daises and red roses grow,
Their roots wind around my feet
Their leaves tickling hello

I step carefully through the patches,
noticing the daisy’s feather-light petals,
the rose’s occasional thorns,
and the soft grass as it settles

Not far, sunflowers stand tall and proud
with a warmth in their color, bold and yellow
Planted by another, quickly they grew
They gaze down at the blooming flowers below

Violets, richly purple, petals soft and sweet
Tucked shyly near the stems
of the daisies, roses, and sunflowers
with the butterflies making friends

They blossom timidly towards me
Reaching their eyes wide and glowing
A vivacious spirit like their mother’s
love and sweetness overflowing

Kneeling down to look closer I can see
Just budding near the garden bed
patches of tiny roses: pink and yellow
with white tips upon their head

Their faces still tight, anxious to bloom
Their thorns–a funny contradiction
to the innocent buds of beauty
sitting quietly ready to listen

Impossible not to notice,
Woven through the stems of all,
Layers of ivy, fresh and green
Only in stature are they small

Incredibly unique, each leaf its own
Tangled playfully among the flowers
Just beginning to find its way
wandering its own path for hours

From the trees high up above
Flowers dangling, barely touching my cheek
The alluring smell draws me up to see
the wild plumeria, soft and unique

They sway gently with the wind
Sending out their sweet scent
Petals drop at times, kissing those below
A day in the garden well spent

Flowers dedicated to the incredible women in my life, who I am lucky to have in my family. Happy Women’s Day!
Oma (Iris)
Grandma (Pink Carnation)
Mom (Daisies and Red Roses)
Chanin (Sunflowers)
Cosette (Violet)
Harlyn (Rose)
Adalay (Ivy)
Me (Plumeria)

2 Replies to “Goddess Garden (Slice of Life: Day 8)”

  1. I really felt like I was in the depths of a garden and also in a vulnerable space. The first stanza is beautiful and draws the reader in…shall we say for a walk 🙂


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