My Class (Slice of Life: Day 31)

When we started this journey on March 1st, I had no idea what to expect. I prepared myself for some bumps in the road, disappointments, difficulties, etc. As we began, questions filled my head. Will my students participate? Will they be excited to post? Will they find something to love about writing? 

I am incredibly proud of these 21 individuals for their effort this month. All of my students posted more than they ever would have if we didn’t start this challenge. Wow. Others posted more than 20 times! Wow. Others posted 31 times! Wow. Many of them posted all 31 days in a row on time! Wow.

Today I would like to recognize each of them for one thing special that they did this month.

Pablo, for teaching us about your love of soccer
Pedro, for sharing your passion for writing
Camila, for opening yourself enough to share your deepest feelings
Sofia, for taking on a big challenge (not just because of Starbucks, right?) and completing it!
Valentina, for always having a quote to inspire us with
Matias, for your wild stories and writing more than I’ve ever seen
Nikolai, for making us laugh and also feel your pains (and posting even though writing’s ‘not your favorite’)
Joaquín, for sharing your love of video games and celebrating your achievements in them
Miguel M, for writing with detail and emotion each and every day
Fátima, for making us smile and share in your happy moments
Valeria, for committing to posting every day and trying out new styles of writing
Simon, for sharing good memories with family and often ice cream
Miguel R, for writing 31 posts and improving as a writer along the way (yes!)
Maria, for a variety of posts that shared laughter, sadness, poetry, fun, and beautiful details
Mariana, for choosing small moments that we could all connect with
Amalia, for writing 31 posts, each with structure, detail, and emotion
Felipe, for having a positive attitude along the way
Juliana, for sharing your love of animals and your excitement for the challenge
Mini, for continuing to make us laugh and smile, even in your writing
Daniel, for sharing important moments of your family
David, for writing as many days as you did and trying out new styles of writing

Thank you for showing up. Each and every one of you!

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