Goodbye 20’s!

Dear 20’s,

Goodbye! Wow you were a lot of fun. What a roller coaster! I remember being in college, living life young and silly. Lots of drinking, making mistakes, making and losing friends and love interests, and also working hard. Those first couple years were WILD. Things did not settle down on cruise ships. I lived life to the fullest-or what I thought was the fullest (‘You can sleep when you’re dead!’). I ran all over the world and had hilarious times with all kinds of people. I lived without regrets. Then, I stepped into a new phase. It provided me with a lot of life lessons. I lived in a co-dependent relationship. I danced ALL THE TIME! I had 2 dogs (a dog-finally!) and then a baby lovebird. I stepped into a sedentary lifestyle just long enough to realize that it wasn’t for me. I worked an amazing job where I felt super appreciated. I met a boy who knows how to love me. We hopped on a plane together and never looked back. At the end of my 20’s, I began to take care of myself and learn the importance of it. As I depart, I know I’m headed in a direction of knowing and expressing my truest, highest, and best self.


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