Before Our Trek

Before the sweet victory of coffee
Before the first boat left San Pedro
Before Venus sat over the lake
Before the rain and beers went down hard
Before the creek filled shoes with cool water, or ran by tempting the dry boots on rocks
Before we looked back and saw how far we came
Before two rounds of ice cream bars
Before a man was found dead in the forest with an unlit match
Before a 20 second time difference brought doubts to our success
Before a single pancake lit up the morning
Before ancient cleansing soothed sweaty, tired bodies
Before we found the guacamole
Before orange-rimmed pine logs filled our noses with a sweet scent
Before the first two hours took our breath away
Before policia hopped on a chicken bus with us
Before the Gandalf staff was carved with care

We were strangers in a circle, feet clean, legs strong, hair washed, sharing ice cream flavor favorites.

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