Pray for Earth

What do the birds say when they call out at dawn?
as the glow rises and the fog rolls in
What does the rain say when it taps on rooftops?
as the drizzle continues and gray turns pink
What does the sun say when it arrives, one ray at a time?
as we lie sleeping with blinds closed

The silence we think of as the morning does not exist
We are the ones who silence, drowning out the sounds of the Earth.
We shut our eyes and cover our ears, unwilling and unprepared to hear the message.

Like a forgotten friend, nature stirs in her seat
as the ignorance continues and her truth is shunned
With the pent-up fury of an abused spouse, nature waits
As we charge up by disconnecting from her
Holding the heartbreak of a parent rejected by her children, nature decides
as social media ignites and we create a virtual world to replace her

When she awakens us at night, we feel insulted by her timing
Like a child frightened by a nightmare, she’s been tapping at our door
Quietly, we might think, because our ears were plugged with headphones.

She spins, she erupts, she shakes with the tremble after a fight
She weeps, she shouts, she cuts herself open to expose her deepest wounds
She thrashes, she strikes, she makes her presence known among all

There is no calm before the storm if we choose to hear the warning
With force she speaks–in the day, at night, or the early morning
If we spent a moment, sitting with her, asking what she needs
perhaps we would get a hug instead of a slap across the face.

Photo of artwork by Autumn Skye ART via Etsy

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