Reaching the Peak

We stood looking at the glacier
as the clouds opened up
layers of mountain flowing around
trees, rocks, and grassland below

Our guide asked us a simple question,
one that felt bigger than it sounded
From here, how does it seem to you-
to reach the peak?

I looked hard at that distant point
I drew a line from my feet
but I couldn’t retrace the steps,
there were too many to count.

I remembered the uphill climb to camp
the altitude pounding my body
the cold wind gusts against our tents
as we attempted to settle in.

I felt the sting of the early morning
as we began to trudge through sand
our headlamps lighting the path
my breath struggling with each step.

I saw the sun as it began to rise
bringing glow across the boulders
my hands gripped their sides
as I leaned my body against theirs.

I knew the effort to cross the glacier
the equipment and careful planning
our lives tied together by rope
patiently awaiting the next step.

I heard them shouting at the top
high-fives and chocolate passed around
the upward battle had ended
we drank in the moment of victory.

Could it make sense that those moments
were a linked collection?
Could my mind hold them in one place?
I wondered as I stood at the bottom

I suddenly realized the strength I held,
the power between my two feet.
The peaks I fear in my life
began to feel within reach.

Although they make not make sense from afar,
they may take many steps, struggles, and strife,
Are they possible to climb? Yes–I can attest.
They only take one moment at a time.

But they are more than simply the top
than the sweetness of looking down
They are every moment along the way
connected in perfect timing.

Those summits–I’ll reach them too
And someday I’ll look back and think
From here, How does it seem
to reach the peak?

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