Letting Go of Attachment (SOL Day 2)

The root of suffering is attachment.

I have been experiencing bouts of suffering (read: anxiety) the last couple of weeks. As I looked through inspirational quotes and images on Instagram today, this quote popped up. I paused for a moment while the words sunk in.

I’ve heard this message before, in different formats and through various media. As I’ve learned over the years, messages come back into your life for a particular reason. I am a different person today than I was before, so this quote carries new meaning.

What does it mean for me today?

As this concept floated through my mind during the afternoon, I found myself wondering what I might be attached to in my life. In my slice, I’ll give myself space to let go of these attachments, as they only cause me suffering.

  • I am letting go of my attachment to what a fulfilling career looks like, and instead I am open to the possibilities.
  • I am letting go of my attachment to my idea of ‘how much is too much’, and instead I am listening to my body and intuition as my guide.
  • I am letting go of my attachment to perfectionism, and instead I am learning to embrace my flaws, mistakes, and errors.
  • I am letting go of my attachment to when things come into my life, and instead I am patient and in the present moment.

2 Replies to “Letting Go of Attachment (SOL Day 2)”

  1. I love this. I needed to read this. I will try to let go in specific areas of my life that have changed rather than try to hang on to the old ways. Thank you for sharing.


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