Back to the Present (SOL Day 4)

My mind likes to run off sometimes.

Mostly to the future.

Sometimes to the past.

I catch myself worrying,

What will I do?

Will this work?

How will I make this happen?

And the sorts.

My practice is to bring it all back in

to the present,

the now.

Sometimes I use a simple meditation I learned:

I see…I see…I see…

I hear…I hear…I hear…

I feel…I feel…I feel…

I see the sun shining brightly,

I see the red brick buildings,

I see the layers of the tall candle on the table.

I hear Jonathan washing dishes, the water running,

I hear piano in the music,

I hear the wind against the patio doors.

I feel excitement in my belly, energy moving,

I feel my feet swinging in the chair,

I feel softness of the keys under my fingers as I type.

One Reply to “Back to the Present (SOL Day 4)”

  1. I love the structure of this and the message behind it. A beautiful reminder of being present and refocusing as necessary. Thanks for sharing!


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