Checkpoint (SOL Day 16)

We stood in line for our turn.
“¿Computadores?” The security agent asked me.
I said “No,” and placed my phone and purse in a bin. I untied my shirt from around my waist, loosened off my watch, and dropped my shoes in as well.
Moments later I was through the checkpoint, picking up my personal items.
I felt the usual hurried sense around me. The guards pushed bins to the end. People near me moved their things down, with one shoe on and a belt undone. A man struggled to collect his items and bring them to a chair farther away. I laughed inside, thinking about the process.
The moments it takes to throw off my shoes, drop everything off, is next to nothing. It’s forgettable, simple, and easy.
I see the struggle around me to put it all back together. This shoe’s not tied tightly enough, it’s too hot for my sweatshirt now, my passport is falling out of my pocket.

I love fast and efficient solutions. I am highly attracted to advertisements that promise to fix my life in 21 days, or be in the best shape of my life in 1 month, for example.

When I began to make changes in my life, seeking to heal wounds and relationships, I was faced with a harsh reality.

It’s much easier to pull things apart than to put them back together.

I gave myself time to put my purse back on neatly, make sure my shoes felt comfortable and that I had everything I needed. In my mind, there was no rush. I can give myself all the space I need to put things back together.

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4 Replies to “Checkpoint (SOL Day 16)”

  1. I am the struggle you see around you. 🙂 Just reading this made me think about all the times I’ve felt stressed during the airport check-in rush. I could really picture everything as it was happening. It’s amazing to me how you are able to give yourself the space you need to put everything back together, and so calmly. I need to be more like you! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. It is so much easier to pull things apart then put them back together. When I read that line, I said out loud “yes so true!” You did a great job painting the picture of the security checkpoints. I could totally picture people fumbling with one shoe on and one shoe off to get the rest of their things while the line continued to move.

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