My Past, Loved (SOL Day 18)

The only sound in the room is the air conditioner, the fan humming loudly.
I don’t know where my arm ends and yours begins. Our legs are tied together like always.
It’s morning.

Facebook reminded me that I loved people before you. I almost couldn’t believe it.

You know his name; you know all their names. For you, my heart has been a book for you to read, learn, and understand. Not simply a list of facts, but a story to put your feet into. You remember how I felt when he broke me. You remember how little I cared when he tried to reach out again. I’ve lived these moments, but you’ve imagined yourself there next to me: holding my hand, cheering me on, or sitting quietly with me in the dark.

You love me now, but that isn’t enough for you. You want to love every moment I’ve been and every part of me.

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