Before I left my study-abroad home in Madrid, Spain, I took a series of photos. These pictures felt odd to take, because I already had the images memorized in my mind. I decided to take these photos as a keepsake of the pictures that would inevitably fade with time. My bedroom, the walk to the metro, the sandwich shop near work. I knew these spaces like the back of my hand. They were the everyday visuals of my morning and afternoon.

When I look back at them now, it’s like smelling an old perfume. My body jumps back to that space and time, noticing the curves of the lamp, the green of the sign, or the dimness of the light. Each detail transforms into a memory of my life there.

Soon I will end my second year in Colombia and begin my final year here. I already found myself looking around for the sights to capture. This thinking pulls me into the present moment, forcing me to give attention to these small details. Which will fade when I leave? Which will call me back into this moment one day?

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