Pachamama, Did You Know?

Did you know we’d be coming when they built here?
Did you see our faces among the 2,500?

Did you whisper in their ears as they laid each stone
Of how many eyes and cameras would press up against them?

Did you fill the soil with your song?
Provide it the nutrients needed to consume our endless waste
And the blanket of toilet paper covering like snow?

Did you ask them to build the ground stronger
That it might withstand 5,000 feet each day?
Tell the mountain not to weep from 400 climbs?

Did you bring the clouds to hide your face?
Spend a moment alone while the night still hung in the air?
Wet the ground with cleansing tears?

Who would you allow to come if it was up to you?
Who could stand in your sacred space?
Would I be one of them?

Your temple is full
I hope you don’t feel empty

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