A Space That Is Home

I see tiny puffs of clouds floating near the building tops like bits of smoke escaping from a chimney. The first sun hits the apartment complex across from us hard and I imagine the beams of light that sneak through the curtains, prodding the sleepers inside to awaken. The birds usually wake me up before the light. Their songs tell me that the sun is coming; morning awaits me. An early-arriving plane finds its way across the sky towards the mountain in the distance. I watch as it makes its predictable turn, looping around to descend gracefully into the nearby airport. Home is this space: my balcony. Outside in the world without ever leaving the house. Tucked into my comfort while observing everything around me. A protected, sheltered window to the ever-changing environment around me. Each day I open my eyes to a newly painted sky: pink or orange or gray and drizzly. Spending time here feels grounding and brings me back to connection with my true self.

Which space in your life feels most like home?

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