Corporate Wellness

At the heart of a successful, thriving company are individuals who are healthy inside and out. The way we take care of ourselves is reflected in our work life. Business Wellness Education is a goal-focused method to promote positive change in a company as a whole, starting with its individuals.

Available Packages

Introductory Session: Are you looking for an educational workshop that will promote health and wellness in your work community? This introductory session will give participants an introduction to self care, an understanding of the impact of health on the work environment, and simple tools that can be put into action today.

6-week Happiness Coaching Series: This package is for companies who highly value the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health of their employees. Each session focuses on a topic related to fostering a work culture where employees can thrive. Some options include Work-Life Balance, Growth Mindset, and Habits for More Energy. We can work together to customize an arrangement that will be most successful for your group! 


I’d love to hear from you and chat about how we can best work together!

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